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Rating: NC-17, a'course
Summary: Rikku occupies herself while waiting for Auron to come back to her from Bevelle. PostFFX-2, Post Return.

She was thinking of him.

Alright, so she was more then just -thinking- of him, the sun beating down, giving her the perfect excuse to sleep naked. She closed her eyes, his face, his body appearing in her mind's eye as her hand drifted to her breast, her other down over her stomach.

Why did he have to be away? He'd been gone for two weeks, already.

Auron was nearly home. Home being a hut on Besaid that they were all but squatting in, but it was still where SHE was. Having to go to Bevelle to attend a meeting of all things was irritating at best. He'd get Braska back for that yet.

After he saw her.

Her hips shifted on the bed as she shifted her fingers to her center, rubbing that bundle of nerves in a way that made her breath hitch. She rolled a hardened nipple between her fingers, groaning his name so softly.

Auron walked past the drapes they had placed to make a second room of sorts, just for them. Tidus had bad habits.

He froze, looking silently in awe at her figure on the bed.

She gasped, her eyes pressed closed as her hips rose against her hand, a soft whimper escaping her lips as she ran her fingers down and in, and back up, her body illuminated by the stark moonlight and the lantern inside. Moving her fingers again, she gasped his name. ".. Auron..."

Auron's body hardened so quickly at the sound of his name from her lips, it felt almost unnatural. If he'd been any other man, he'd have taken matters into his own hands, but right now, he could wait.

This was worth it.

Her back arched as she begged for him, softly, her words bare breaths as he did things in her mind that were pulled from real life. She rolled her hips again, a purr turning into a whimper turning into a moan as she shifted, slipping her fingers inside again before going back to her clit, her legs starting to tremble.

"Rikku," Auron said, his voice harsher than he intended. He couldn't stay silent any more.

Her eyes flew open, just seeing him pushing her closer to the edge, a harsh whimper pulled from her throat. "I.. Oh... oh.. god." She arched again, her strangled cry echoing as she shook from her peak.

Auron wasn't sure how he managed to undress so quickly, or even how he managed to crawl onto the bed. Lips crashing against hers, he held
Rikku tightly in his arms, letting her come down.

She whimpered his name against his lips, curling as she relaxed against him, almost clinging too him. She said the only thing she could think of, when she was able to form words. "Welcome home."

Auron smiled against her lips, shaking his head. "You missed me that much?" It was almost teasing.

She flushed, leaning up to kiss him again. "Mmhmm." She slipped her hand down to caress his lower back, sighing. "More then."

Pressing his lips to the side of her neck, he rolled them over. She should be allowed to assert dominance tonight, he thought. After all, it was he who had to leave.

She slipped back without a word, sliding on top of him, over him, rolling her hips once he was insider her. The feeling of him made her gasp, her head falling back as her back arched, moaning.

Auron let her control his body, arching when she arched, thrusting when she thrusted. "Missed you," he murmured.

She looked down as him, her fingers threading with his for a moment. "Missed you, too. Missed you so much." She kept riding him, her breath in little pants now, already having been turned on so this time it wouldn't take so long.

Reaching up to cup her cheek, Auron let their combined hands mimic her actions of before. "You were so beautiful... laying..." He wasn't able to continue.

She tightened around him, starting to tremble as she rolled her hips, gasping his name. "A.. Auron, please..." She was begging for something
more, her body almost to the brim with pleasure and need and want and -him-.

Letting himself go completely, Auron nipped at her pulse while his body did its best to bring her to an amazing peak. It was really the least he could do.

She came with a low cry, her body tightening around him as she pressed herself close to him, gasping his name.

Oh, how she'd missed this, and he'd only been gone a few weeks.

All but growling her name against her neck, Auron fell back to the blankets, eyes closed.

Shit. She literally was going ot kill him some day with this sort of thing.

She panted for air, her forehead drooping forward to his shoulder. She groaned softly, the only word she was able to make.

Auron gently stroked her back, reaching with his spare hand for his coat, fiddling in his pocket for the Moonstone necklace he had bought her in Bevelle.

"... here."

She blinked, looking up at him with her eyes widening. "W.. What?"

She'd never been given jewelry before. Or... anything, really, when it wasn't Christmas or her birthday..

"Here." He put it in her hand with little ceremony. Auron gave gifts rarely, but with her, he felt the need to give them all the time.

She looked down at it, her eyes widening. "It's beautiful." She looked up at him again, almost wanting to confirm is was actually for her. "I... I don't have anything this beautiful." It was simple, but the moonstone glowed on the pale chain, reflecting all different colours within.

It was perfect.

"Yes you do," Auron said softly, kissing her temple before finally, of all things, removing his boots.

She blinked, and then saw what he was doing, and laughed.

She hadn't realied he hadn't taken them off, too. She slipped the necklace on, knowing already she'd never take it off if she didn't have too.

Sliding back into bed, Auron laid back, head on the pillows. He didn't often 'cuddle', but he was always there, if she wished to hold onto him.

He knew it was important. And he liked it more than he would ever admit.

She knew it wasn't really his 'thing', but... after the acitivies of the day, she wanted to be close to him. She snuggled close, the coolness of the stone pressing against his ribs as she slipped an arm around his waist. Her eyelids were drooping - it must be at least 3AM by this point.

In spite of himself, Auron wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer.

"I take it there's nothing of importance I missed?

She shook her head. "Not really. Tidus was an ass again to Lulu, so she about fried off his eyebrows, but... nothing new." She closed her eyes for just a moment, savouring him holding her.

Auron actually laughed. Kind of.

"He probably had it coming. Yuna put them back?"

Rikku chuckled. "Mmhmm. But she made him wait two hours." She traced her fingertips over his stomach, sighing. Sometimes, she wished....
She closed off that thought, just telling herself to be happy with the odd relationship they had.

"Never do that to me?" Auron murmured against her forehead. She had a wicked thunder.

She laughed. "You're too fast. And I don't think I'd ever be quite quick enough to get a spell off on you. Mix, yes. Spell... no."

Auron almost chuckled under his breath.

"... I almost got you a ring," he admitted, never one to hide his intents if he felt no need to. He just rarely felt the need.

She blinked, looking up at him. "W.. What?" She .. He couldn't mean... he just meant as jewelry.... didn't he?

Auron opened his eyes again, gazing at her calmly. This couldn't surprise her.

"... you're the only one waiting. Which... I needed, and I thank you. But it seemed like something we should talk about first."

She pressed her lips together. "I... If.. you're ready... and... want... alright? I mean... I do, but... I understand... if you need... you know?" She scratched the back of her neck. "Not making much sense, am I?"

Auron kept a steady gaze on her.

"Are you ready?"

She nodded, looking into his eyes. "I have been... for a long time."

"I am too," Auron said simply, closing his eyes again.

That's all it took, right?

She very lightly touched his cheek, inhlaing as she closed her eyes, her cheek against his chest. She knew him, knew that was... her proposal, really. And probably a ring, with another 'Here'.

Auron stroked her hair back.

"... I didn't like the rings they had. They were ugly."

Her eyes widened slightly. She.. didn't know that it mattered, to him. "You don't have to buy me anything if you don't want, you know that, right? I have you - that's enough." She pressed a kiss to his chest.

His eyes were closed again. "You deserve better than nothing. You deserve the best." Awkward, yes. But it was what he believed.

"And they were very, very ugly."

She swallowed hard, pulling her lip between her teeth. "Thank you." It was all she could think to say. She didn't expect him to buy her things - she didn't expect anyone to buy her things. And... for some silly reason what he said just meant a lot.

"... Really ugly? Ewww."

Auron opened one eye, the trace of a smirk.

"... LeBlanc ugly."
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