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Who: Auron and Rikku
When: November 24, 2004
Why: Catching up on backlogs. Not the best writing in the world at all, but we had just started logging, then. Tense switches, etc.


Rikku walked down in the valley on the Highroad - it seemed like odd things always collected there, and she could climb the rock walls to get the things that were caught. She whistled the Hymn as she walked, momentarily in the Songstress sphere so she didn't sound too bad.

Auron always waited by the same ruins. He could hide in the shade so much easier. The whistle that followed on the air was... familiar. Her. "... no matter what you say, that's your favorite outfit, and I stick by it."

Rikku looked up, and flushed. "What? It's NOT." She started digging though her pouch to find another sphere, even though.. .he was right. This was her favourite. She felt so.. girly. A smile curved on her lips as she looked up at him.

"I'm sure you're right." Auron stepped out, adjusting his sunglasses. Night was very close to falling.

She flushed, and winked. "Which do you like best, hrm?" She raised an eyebrow, waiting for an answer... if he'd choose to give her one.

"Songstress," he says calmly, not really even looking at her. It was impressive, how he could do that.

Rikku blinked, her head tilting to the side. "Why?" She leaned against the rockwall, her eyes studying him now that he'd finally emerged from shadow.

Auron watched the sun go down, looking away from her. "... I don't know." He is at least honest.

She sighed, and pushed off from the wall, darkness falling if but quickly. "Did you need something?"

"You." He can at least answer that question properly.

Rikku inhaled sharply, and took another step towards him. "Do you? Or do you just want me?" Her eyes scanned his face.

"I need you." He always said this. She never seemed to believe him.

She touched his cheek, her lips curving into a smile. "You know I'd help with anything you need..." She leaned up, pressing her lips to his.

"Need you," he murmured against her lips. Since his return, they did this. Meeting the other, frantic trysts, him trying to hold onto her, her leaving.

Rikku swallowed. She knew he didn't, really. He said that, but.. there was always that thread in his eyes. There was something he was missing, and she doubted it was her. "You have me."

She pressed herself against him, kissing him deeply.

"For now," he said almost sadly, holding her tightly. He wanted her to stay. His fingers threaded into her hair, making short work of her braids.

Rikku sighed, closing her eyes. He deserved someone better. "D.. Don't.." She brushed her fingers against his lips, trying to get him to not talk. She leaned up, kissing him again even as her hair fell to her hips. Her other hand was working his coat off.

As always, Auron stopped talking, wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her against him. His lips refused to let go of her embrase, leaning against the ruins again. No one really travelled the Highroad at night anymore.

She made a soft noise as he pulled her close, her hands making quick work of his collar. There had been a time, a long time ago, when she'd thought... that this could work. This was all she really had left of him, she supposed, so she tried to make each time special.

His hands cup her legs, trying to wrap them around his waist. "Need you," he repeated, unable to help himself. Death had a way of making you understand things.

Rikku felt tears prick in her eyes, glad the dark in combination with her forehead on his shoulder hid them. "Shh...." She moved with him, wrapping her legs around his hips, her arms around his neck.

He moved his lips away from hers, feeling the distance start. He had to have what of her he could, while he could. Before she left. Fingers making short work of her skirt, he manages to find his goal, trying to make her feel the pleasure first, in case she left early this time. He never knew when the time she'd get sick of him and never come back.

She whimpered, kissing his neck, his jaw, his earlobe. Somehow... she just.. "Fuck me, Auron.. just... please?" She almost never asked his of him, usually letting him choose.

Auron pulled back just enough to see her eyes, but then he nodded. She was ready. Groaning, he managed with one hand to pull himself ready, his gi's pants resting nearly around his hips. "As you wish."

Rikku kissed him hard, full of yearning. This time... this time, she wished she could stay. She always wished she could stay...

With a smooth, fluid motion Auron slid inside her, groaning her name almost silently against her neck. His fingers almost bruised her, clinging to her hips.

She whimpered, but it was a good whimper, feeling herself tighten around him as he thrust. She loosened her legs around his hips just slightly, rolling hers as she gasped his name.

He was living off the sound of his name coming from those lips. Groaning again, he didn't actually fuck her, for it was almost gentle. Auron's old knees shook, trying to keep them both upright, holding her oh so tightly.

Rikku gasped, arching her back against him, kissing him hard as she whimpered his name, it spilling from her lips in the midst of a flood of Al Bhed.

"I love you," Auron murmured, heedlessly. He froze as soon as he said it, knowing that he had just ruined the best thing in his life.

Rikku gasped, her eyes widening as she stared at him, her eyes filling with tears as she squirmed, trying not to cry in front of him, to get him to put her down. "N.. No, you don't."

Auron's arms held her tightly though, and she couldn't move. He did have the decency to pull out, at least. "... yes I do."

She started to cry, actually struggling to get away from him. "P.. Put me down.. P.. please.." Her hands shook. "You don't. You only think you do, because of this."

Auron does put her down, and pulls himself together as best he can. "I do. But... you're right at least on one thing. We shouldn't do this anymore." It was killing him.

Her hands shook as she tried to stop crying. "You deserve better, Auron. She's waiting somewhere for you." She gathered her things that were strewn in the grass. She just knew that someone wasn't her, as much as she wished it was. As much.. as she wanted to say those three little words, instead of losing him forever. It was better for him. He'd be happier, in the end.

Auron ran to her, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her in for a deep, long kiss. "Bullshit. She's waiting right here.

Rikku gasped, pulling back. "Auron, I'm not for you. I'm not meant for you. You deserve better then me. I'm just a quick screw on the side of a ravine." She leaned up to kiss him one last time, pushing and wiggling to get out of his arms.

He won't let go. At this point, it's all or nothing. "Fuck that. You are what I want, what I need, what I deserve, if you believe that bullshit. I need you, Rikku. You're not a quick screw, so stop sayng as much."

She started crying again, the words bubbling out of her mouth before she could stop them, even as she cried into his neck, abruptly curling into him instead of away. "E muja oui... E muja... E muja oui..."

"E muja oui," Auron murmurs back, pulling his katana up without letting go. With slow feet, he walks towards the Travel Agency. They need a proper room.

Rikku sniffles, and rubbed her eyes. "E muja oui, Auron. I do."

"I know," he murmurs, stopping before the door, kissing her again. "I love you too. It just... we should have admitted it earlier."

She waited until they'd gotten a room before staring at her feet. "Is.. it still over?" She couldn't bear to look at him, to see his face when he said it was. That she'd run to much, that it couldn't happen.

Auron blinked at her, like she had grown a second head. He leaned his katana against the wall by the door, within easy reach. "... you want it to be over?"

Rikku swalowed, her voice almost desperate. "N.. No! Please.. no.. I'm so sorry.. I won't leave again, I promise." She finally looked up at him, pleading.

Auron turned to her, his face readable for the first time in most likely since she had met him. He's relieved. "... you promise?"

She nodded, then she did something even she wasn't expecting until she was there, her face buried in the folds of his coat. She threw herself at him, her arms around his waist, just hugging him as tightly as possible.

Auron's entire body was relaxed, holding her tightly, trying to keep her calm. "I love you, Rikku," he rumbled deep in his chest, thankful as hell.

She just clung to him, her eyes squeezed tightly shut, never wanting to let him go. "I'm so stupid.. I'm so sorry.... I love you.."

"Don't say that you're stupid. You're not." It wasn't an easy situation. They probably should have left each other ages ago. But they had made it. And he was never letting her go again. He tugged at his armor and gi, trying to get as close as possible.

Rikku pulled back, pulling her clothing off. "I want... I want to touch you without thinking of if I'm going to leave. I want... this for real..." She swalowed. "It's only ever been you, Auron."

"I know," he murmurs, pulling his clothing off, then switching to hers. He has to laugh, a rumbling sort of amusement. "... I've never seen you completely unclothed, Rikku."

She flushed, uncertainty in her eyes as she was finally standing in front of him as naked as the day she was born, wearing nothing but her hip-length hair.

Auron's eyes never strayed from her form, taking in every movement, every shimmer of skin, every muscle twitch. He hadn't gotten his trousers off, just instead taking her into his arms, pressing his bare chest against hers. "Oui'na payidevim, so uhmo. Payidevim..."

She kissed him, slowly, with no edge of urgency, no bite of worry. "E muja oui... So uhmo. So muja..."

Gently, always making certain it was gently, Auron moved them towards the bed, laying her down on it as if she was a china doll. Without words, because he never was one to rely on them to begin with, he worshipped her body, every bit of her skin except the parts he knew well already. He had territory to learn.

She ran her hands over his skin, marveling at him, at the things she'd never noticed. ".... So muja..."

He was scarred, the knight's code written bare in every thin white line that could be found on his skin. If it had been anyone other than Auron, he might have seemed embarassed. Without the high collar, it was obvious that his cheeks were at least colouring a bit. But he nuzzled along her neck, ignoring his own discomfort.

Rikku kissed the scars she could see, gently pushing him onto his back. "Let me show you..."

Auron let her guide him, smiling up at her with a gentle sort of amusement. He wasn't even out of his trousers yet.

Rikku hadn't meant sexually, although it sounded that way. She started kissing his scars, murmuring thing he only could catch snatches of as she ran her lips over each one she could reach. She avoided the largest on his chest for now. "E muja oui... So raynd.. So cuim... oui sayh ajanodrehk du sa... lyh'd pameaja E ymsucd mucd oui... E muja oui... so vyedr... so ruba..."

The one that had killed him. Even now, in his second lifetime, it hadn't faded. Auron ran his fingers into her hair, still down from before. It was so beautiful like this.

Finally, she pressed herlips to the largest, looking up at him, tears in her eyes. "Oui yna banvald, so raynd." She leaned up, and tenderly kissed the scar that marred his face. "So cuim."

Auron's body reacted almost more to her words than to her lips, although certainly both helped. His arms wound around her again, and with his head on the pillows he pulled her down against him, kissing her ever so properly.

Her tears - these of happiness, of peace; dripped onto his face, her kiss somehow more whole then any they'd ever shared.

Auron closed his eyes, reveling in the fact that she was there, his and his alone, and when he woke up, she'd be there in the morning. The idea of it alone was enough to make his head spin.

She kissed his lips again, then his cheek, then his neck. "I love you." She couldn't seem to stop saying it.

"I love you too," he rumbled, the scratch of the material of his pants just a little too much to keep control at the moment.

Rikku swallowed, deperate to have him touch her, but not wanting to push him. "What do you want?"

"Oui," he murmured, pulling her down against him for another kiss. Auron never wanted to beat around the bush about much. Rikku laughed against his lips - it'd been ages since she'd done that, thier meeting having grown more and more tense. She kissed him sweetly, running her hands over his shoulders. "E fyhd oui, too."

Auron let his own hands run down her back towards her waist, lips caressing hers while he laughed deep in his throat as well.

Rikku sighed in pleasure, feeling his hands on her skin. "That feels good..." "It's supposed to," Auron murmured against her neck, sliding her hips over his cased length, smirking slightly. Turnabout was fair play, after all.

Rikku swallowed hard, feeling him pressed against her; she knew he must feel the heat of her through his pants, and flushed. "I had no idea what I was missing, then."

"Neither did I,' he murmured, reaching up a hand to cup her cheek. Auron could never remember anything like this himself. She turned, and kissed the palm of his hand, nibbling on his wrist. "Mmm.. I want you, Auron."

"You have me," he said, quite seriously. As always.

She giggled, and nibbled on his neck. "No, I meant..." She ran her hand down his stomach. "E fyhd oui inside me..."

Auron managed to give her one of his Looks, somehow. "Then I suggest you get my trousers off me. Now."

Rikku flushed. "Yes... sir." She winked, and undid his pants, slipping them down and off his feet, scooting back up as her hand stroked over him.

Auron groaned slightly, closing his eyes, and then opening them instead. He wanted to watch her, unhurried.

Rikku ran her nimble fingers along his length, bending her head as she placed a kiss on the tip, then her lips fluttered over his stomach.

"Remind me after... I have questions." She shifted her hips as she scooted forward, easing herself down on him, a groan escaping her throat.

Auron barely could manage to nod, his hips arching against hers so easily. The was the same as always, every bit as electric.

But unrushed. Untainted. Pure.

She arched her back, amazed as always how well they fit. She shifted her hips, then slowly started to ride him, her head back, her hair brushing his thighs. "E... E...." She wasn't even able to talk, just moving on him, her hand resting slightly behind her as she rose and fell.

This... was what it was -supposed- to be like. Sex in the middle of nowhere without taking of your clothes had it's place, but it had been every time... Never seeing the way his skin flushed, feeling his breath shudder from his body.

Auron pulled her down against his lips, groaning into them, but refusing to let them go. He needed her right now. Badly.

"Rikku... oui..." With her, he fell so easily into her language.

She rolled her hips against his, whimpering his name as she shuddered, feeling the pleasure expand within her, getting closer and closer to what she seeked.

"E.. E ... E's lmuca... Auron... "

Auron's fingers moved between them, still slowly, still perfectly.


It pushed her over the edge, her head falling forward as she cried his name, cried out in Al Bhed - "Auron - E muja... Her muscles gripped him, her body shaking as tears slipped down her cheeks.

It felt so right.

For a few moments, it was just black for Auron. When he came to himself again, his arms were around her tightly.

He was holding her. She was his.

Rikku slumped forward on his chest, curled so close to him, seeming so
small. He was holding her, her body cradled against his. She took a deep breath, nuzzling closer to his chest.

Auron stared at the ceiling, barely daring to believe it.

She spoke so quietly she couldn't even hear herself at first. "Fro?" She was just curled on his chest, her eyes staring at the wall. "Fro tu oui muja sa?"

Auron thought of a million reasons, and he closed his eyes.

"Even fighting Sin, you never gave up hope. I had... forgotten what that looked like."

"Ec... Ec dryd fro? Palyica..." Her voice dropped, and she closed her own eyes, the next words even quieter. "E... E ryt kejah ib.... fedr oui, E ryt kejah ib."

"It's one reason," he said quietly, stroking her back. "It was why I first fell in love with you. The million others..." He shrugged.

She turned, and kissed him hard. She never wanted to let this go, never wanted to go back to where that look in his eyes made her run. "E'mm hajan mayja ykyeh, ihmacc oui damm sa du. Ihdem oui damm sa du mayja, E fuh'd. E cfayn ed."

He doesn't let her go. He won't. He knows, has known for months, how much he needs her.

Without her, he's not really alive.

She took a deep breath, and kissed his bare chest. "So what now?"

Auron shrugged. "Now, we live."
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